It's life in it's simplest form. Just you, your running sneakers, and the road. The neighborhood is still asleep. The sun is just starting to rise and there are no distractions to steal your attention away. It's just you, your running sneakers, and the road.

There are many associations between success and the morning run and in this post we're going to discuss five reasons why you should start a morning run schedule today. Sure you might be able to wait until after the Fourth of July holiday but why wait for success when you can have it now. All you need is you, your running sneakers, and the road.


Success requires momentum but you got to get the ball rolling first. That's what it feels like when you start that run at 6am. Mentally you feel like you're getting ahead of the pack while everyone else is still asleep. Upon each step sure you may feel a degree of tiredness but you also feel that much closer to accomplishing your goal of finishing what you started. You're starting the day with a win and as human beings we feed off of accomplishments. Winning makes us want to win again and before you know it that attitude from your morning run carries over to your job, your home, and every other aspect of your life. But it starts with you, your running sneakers, and the road.

Be In the Moment

You can't succeed at much without being in the moment. Completely dedicated and focused on the work in front of you. Distraction leads to confusion and too many rabbits to chase but being in the moment means that you have nothing else to do but the work you're doing right now. The morning run puts your attention to the test. It challenges you to get out of that warm bed then embrace the cool breeze that gently brushes against your face as you run down the street. Deep breath in.....slow breath out. Step by step you focus on your breathing. Step by step you ask yourself again why did you decide to do this. Step by step you feel more confident and more driven to go further. Each step is a meditation and an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself. It's just you, your running sneakers, and the road. 


In order to succeed you have to have a vision and goals you plan to reach. This is the time for you to define your target and go after it. The morning run puts you in the right mind frame for the day of going after something. First you start by just committing to wake up and getting out there for the run. That turns into you striving to hit a faster time. Then you decide to extend your distance. Suddenly it filters to you upping your sales goals at work or adding a new recipe to the dinner menu at home. But it all starts with you, your running sneakers, and the road. 


Competition is good. Competition is healthy and human beings thrive off of competition. We grow from it, we become better because of it, and we sharpen our skills along the way. The morning run gives you the opportunity to compete against the most dangerous competitor you'll ever know. Yourself. It's also a reminder to you that someone else out there is working harder and just waiting for you to slip. You can always work a little harder so get those running sneakers and hit the road. 

Self Image

Everyone knows that running changes you physically but not many people know that it also changes you psychologically. If you decide to take this step you would be saying that you are ready to dedicate yourself to a practice. And a practice can only be defined as a practice if it's executed regularly which means that you believe that this is a part of you. Human beings always follow through with who they believe they are. If you believe you wake up early, are disciplined, work hard, stay fit, and a person who pushes themselves then that mentality will filter to all aspects of your life. But it all begins with you, your running sneakers, and the road.