You may have looked to start a run plan where you commit to run/walk on set days and times of the week. However, as you find yourself getting ready to hit the road, the track, or the trail you find it more difficult just to get going. 

Maybe it's because you don't want to wake up two hours earlier than you need too.

Maybe it's because you have so many other task waiting.

Or, maybe it's because you just haven't committed to the goal.

Whatever it may be I think we can agree that getting started is the hardest part. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can make a change. The first step is by focusing just on today.

Don't think about rather or not you'll have the energy to commit to it for the rest of the week. Forget about your task and everything else surrounding your daily routine. Simply get yourself out of bed, lace up your shoes, and "Show Up for the Run." Let your mind, muscles, and thoughts, all live within that moment. Nothing else....just the run.

The first day will be hard and the second day will be just as difficult. But as everyday passes you'll come to find that this chore suddenly transforms into a habit where you expect to "Show Up for the Run." It becomes who you are. 

Here's your Challenge for the day. Commit to run 1 mile. Just for today and when you're done set a challenge for the next day then show up for the challenge.

Congratulations! You have officially started your run plan.