President and Founder

Rhea Yates is the Founder and President of Evolution Track Club. Rhea had a vision of promoting the sport of track and field in the Johnston County community. Today, Evolution Track Club is the first and only track and field organization in Johnston County, and has doubled in participation every year. Evolution is known as the leading authority in track and field in the county. 

Club Manager, Chairman

Steven Gunter is responsible for expanding Evolution Track Club. He has assisted in forwarding the vision of Evolution, while also growing it's roster of athletes, coaches, trainers, and support team. 

Board Member

Michael Pit is an experienced distance runner and coach in Track and Field. Mike ran for the West Virginia University. A frequent competitor in distances up to a half-marathon. Mike brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Board to help assist the Club in making good decisions. 

Board Member

Nailah Alston is a caring and supportive member of the board. Nailah cares about each athlete's well being and serves as a nurse by profession. Nailah adds an enormous amount of value to the Board and the Club.


Kristy Moore serves as secretary to the board. With an extensive amount of administrative experience and a sense of attention to detail Kristy brings added value and professionalism to the Club.