Evolution Track Club was founded in 2010. Established to promote the sport of Track and Field to athletes in Johnston County, NC. Evolution is the first and only private track and field organization in Johnston County. Established to impact the lives of its participants, on and off the track.

Originally created as a summer track club, today Evolution has evolved into much more. As one of the Top Private Track and Field Clubs in North Carolina, Evolution has USATF Coaches, each specializing in specific skills and events. Evolution has a full Track and Field Staff to include Sprints, Mid-Distance, Distance, Jumps, Throws, and Hurdles. In 2015, Evolution started it's Cross Country division which competes around the State of North Carolina and across the country.

One of Evolution's top priorities is to help athletes go further in the sport of track and field and running. Evolution Track Club works with athletes to help them develop their athletic and technical skills to transition from high school to collegiate sport.